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Sourcing wood Farts Paris | #15 |

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The workshop is getting colder still, sourcing wood, projects on the bench, farts and relocation to Paris?

It’s getting even colder and I still haven’t worked out how to heat the workshop. I have an old electric heater, but as the workshop is mostly made of wood I am very conscious of fire risk.

Planer Thicknesser
I took the plunge and bought a used Elecktra Beckum HC260 M  planer / thicknesser or ebay. It’s currently on a pallet truck on its way to me somewhere. But if you have experience of using one / setting it up then I would love to hear about.

I am estimating jobs at the moment, rather than making. These include a wine rack, a fitted cupboard with solid Oak top, shelves for a child’s bedroom and some alcove cupboards.

Sourcing wood
I went to find some prices for Oak boards at a local hardwood flooring company, Beech Bros. They have vast amounts of timber out the back and an offcuts room, which is ideal for the size and scale of projects I am doing at the moment. I had a bit of fun getting a price for some boards… basically they gave me a price in cubic metres. I am used to cubic feet and the prices seemed astronomical, £1,373 for a cubic metre. However, when you work that out into board size £39 seems pretty reasonable for rough sawn oak 4.2m x 220mm x 28mm.

New Vlog style video
I’ve posted a couple of new style of videos for me, more of a vlog than a project video. What do you think? Comments please on the video on my youtube channel.

A good visit to RHS Rosemoor in North Devon was had at the weekend. This was prompted by am email from Stihl’s PR agency. We all went up and had a look at a new range of battery powered gardening equipment, including a chainsaw. I am going to do a review of it once they send me one to try out.

There may be a possibility that we will be relocating to Paris, more details to follow when we have them.

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Now go get some wood!

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